"O-oh my goodness. I honestly thought I’d never get past 10 followers >///<. Thank you everyone. I’ll keep trying to be a good blog!" 

Okay! now that that’s over. CONTEST TIME! WEE! 

This is going to be my first one so you’ll have to forgive me!

My 60 Grand Follower Art give Away!

So, because there are you guys following me, I figured I’d do a prize drawing. Who doesn’t like prizes right? There will be three prize places.

First place will be: A wonderful full blown I will work my hardest on request art of your choice! (Oh God please don’t kill me D:) But I will do any request of your choice full blown, colored, background, and all that fun stuff! 

Second Place: Also another picture of your choice. Line-arted, and black and white. (Maybe if you can convince me, flat colors.)

Third and not the least place: You’ll get a free drawing of a pony OC of your choice. (Maybe a pairing)

So. Now you’re wondering on how to get these. Well. Here are a few rules. 

  1. You must be following me. Yes, I know over used. But, I’ll be checking.
  2. Likes and reblogs count as a place holder thingy. You can reblog once a day.
  3. Have your ask and submission open on your blog. If you cannot, let me know so I can email it to you.

Now a side rule. (I do do NSFW and SFW.)

It doesn’t HAVE to be pony art, I do do other art. 

I need to know if it’s okay or not if I can post it on the interwebs. If you’d like it private, please let me know. 

This contest ends on April 30th. So hurry get your places in!